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PM/PI Broadband Isolator 1064nm 5W C8

Name:PM/PI Broadband Isolator 1064nm 5W C8




  • Features:

    Low Insertion Loss

    High Isolation

    High Power Handling

    High Return Loss

  • Applications:

    Fiber Laser 


    Fiber Amplifier 

    Lab Research


Parameters Unit Values
Center Wavelength (λc) nm 1064
Operating Wavelength Range nm ±50
Typ. Peak Isolation dB 30~35
Min. Isolation at 23                          dB 26
Typ. Insertion Loss                          dB 1.0
Max. Insertion Loss at 23, λc   dB 1.5
Min. Return Loss (Port1/Port2) dB 50/50
Max. Polarization Dependent Loss dB 0.15 (only for BI isolators)
Min. ER (only for HPMBI isolators) dB 20 for B type, 22 for F type
Max. Optical Power (CW) W 1, 5 or Specify
Max. Pear Power KW 5 or Specify
Fiber Type  (only for BI isolators) - HI 1060 Fiber or LMA Fiber
Fiber Type  (only for HPMBI isolators) - PM 980 Fiber or PLMA Fiber
Max. Tensile Load N 5
Operating Temperature        -5 to +50       
Storage Temperature -20 to +75

*Above specifications are for device without connector.
*For devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower and ER will be 2dB lower,and only for 1W CW.
*The PM fiber and connector key are aligned to the slow axis. 
*For pulse applications, pls discuss with Optizone Technology.
*No plastic cap on the ends of the component if 3mm jacketed is chosen;
*Package size indicated is for standard choose, if special size is required, please discuss with Optizone.

Package Dimensions:
Ordering Information:
①①: Wavelength : Axis Alignment : Fiber Length 
 06 - 1064nm  F - Fast Axis Blocked  0.8 - 0.8m
 S - Specify  B - Both Axis Working  S - Specify
②②: Package Type ⑤⑤: Connector Type on Port 1 & 2
C8 - Type C8  N - None
 S - Specify
③③: Handling Power ⑥⑥: Fiber Jacket on Port 1 & 2
 01 - 1W  L - 900um Loose Tube
 05 - 5W  C - 3mm Loose Cable 
 S - Specify  S - Specify
1) HPMBI, High Power Polarization Maintaining Broadband Isolators;
2) BI, High Power Polarization Broadband Insensitive Isolators;
3) Item is for HPMBI only.